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Bound outside in a chilly night for his branding. There is no mercy, he is branded with the Owners initials like a pig, to show he is now owned meat and her Mistress' property.

Extreme needle treatment

This movie is severe. A very extreme and intense cbt treatment. 4 Thick long needels pressed through the balls and a deep burn mark

Stuck in the olive groves

This is palm whipping -  Part 2. After being whipped with palm leaves in the olive grove - the slave gets really stuck to an olive three and is subjected to passive smoking that leaves him with burn marks.

Mistress fix it

Mistress doesnt find the balls on this slave a reasonable size so she fix it and make them bigger. The slave moves to much around so Mistress also fix this with hammer & nails.

DoubleDomme & Double Vacuum

Die Frau K & Mistress No.1 shaves the slaves nipples, cutting his skin on purpose and then let the Vacuum machine suck his nipples, drawing the red juice. For double pleasure they finishing him of by vacuum cockmilcking

saline 400 ml

His balls injected with 400 ml of saline solution embellished with electroplay, cbt, ballbusting and spankling and finished of with a bootjob

The Checklist

Mistress whips, kicks, tie and breaks skin, making sure to check mark all the list, that is placed on his body.


Slave is fixated, gets some very sadistic cuddle and is branded as property of Mistress.

Dangerously Hot

Both the sun and Mistress was dangerously this day. The slave was put in the sun for 30 min before his owner, Mistress No.1, arrives with a high-temperature electrocautery pen. 


Teamwork by Domina Dark and Mistress No.1 synchronous spanking & synchron whipping under the open sky in Spain

The Touch Up

The slave belong to Her, Mistress No.1. It was inked into his flesh by his owner many years ago,  in one of the most sore & delicate places on the body ! Now it's time for a "touch up".

3,5 meters of whipping

3,5 meters of whipping - Fun in the forest! Mistress is using tied up slavemeat for breaking in her new whip at 3,5 meters.

Midnight Sharing

Remember the slave who was recycled ? This is the same day, but now it is midnight and the Full moon is showing. Domina Dark & Mistress No.1 decides release the slave to break him down for good, in the glow of the candles.

smack the saline out of his balls

Fill his balls with saline. While waiting for the balls to grow due to the salineinfusion, execute his asshole with electroplug and do all kinds of mean stuff to his cock & balls. After all that, now try to smack the saline out of the balls.

Party in the yard - The Mistress No.1 way

At the other side of the yard, behind the fence, a party was going on (as you can hear in the movie). so Mistress decided to have a party ashwell. Including a cage, hammer & Nails, spanking and as it was a party and laughter was needed - tickling.

Cruel Summer 2: Sharp Whipping 

Hanging from his bound hands in a tree and  his pants cut of the slave is whipped over 200 times and humiliated.
Part 2 of a 5 parts of sessions experienced over 2 weekends in Spain.

earn your marks

Whipped with bullwhips in different length. This slaves is taking several severe strokes before he get his big wish about a burn mark from his owner furfield.

the wax challenge

Femdom punishment in the barn, lot of cbt and teasing, finishing him of with a wax challenge and cumeathing.

Experimental CBT

Custom-made movies is created with a specific wish from the slave. This wish was very detailed about being a in a corpse-stateofmind, indside in a real bodybag and exposed for experimental CBT

Needle play

Slave is tied in a bodybag gets some severe CBT by Mistress with needles in cock and balls.


High Voltage Spanking & CBT

Another custommade movie from Danish Femdom
8 different whips, spanking, high voltage electro, humiliation and some CBT left this piece of meat with some nice  marks


To become Hers - Slave gets branded outdoor with his owners initials.

Full on

Submissive Ass Punished by Mistress No.1 Full on 30 minutes of hardcore spanking sessions that draws blood.

A muddy affair.

It became a muddy affair when Mistress decided to "take" her slave for a drive, while he was doing his morning jogging in Spain!

He is helplessly stuck

He is helplessly stuck ! Totally relinquished to his Mistress´ whims & will !
There will be no mercy when the hot wax drips on his tongue nor as the nails is smashing through his balls.

A Special fantasy

This session should be about a "cut it off" fantasy, but as usual lot of thing happens when Mistress No.1 is involved

The sound of sweet pain

The sound of sweet pain when stretching the sides of the urethra, sounding, dilation and stretching. But Mistress always want more so She ends this CBT session with 4 thick long needles.

Triple needles

Slave in leatherfixation cant do anything but take the pain when Mistress gets to work with needle and thread.

Medical treatment

Cruel evil savagery medical experiments. Slave is forced to drink urine. Gets CBT, electro, saline injections and other whims of sadistic pleasure.