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This is not a proffesional movieproduction and this is not actor's Femdom.
You will not find prepared setups or slaves whos acting.

This is REAL Femdom!



New movies

Breathing is a privilege

Breathing is a privilege or perhaps the privilege is not to breath ?! Which  slave wouldn't die under a Mistress´ ass. Facesitting, Breathcontrol, Bondage, Breathplay, Choking, Femdom


Bound outside in a chilly night for his branding. There is no mercy, his branded with the Owners initials, just like a cow, to show he is now owned meat and her property. Branding, Submission, slaveabuse, Bondage, Femdom

Abused by Danish Dommes

This is how Danish Dommes abuse their slaves ! A lesson in lusty and painful humiliation. DoubleDomme, Femdom, Suspension, CBT, Torture with cigarettes, Whipping, Spanking, Pegging, Assabuse, Humiliation, Egdeplay, Knifeplay.

A quickie in the hay

slave tied up in barn and fucked with xl strapons. Analhumiliation, Pegging, Strapon raining, Analabuse, Femdom, Mistress


Slave gets whipped and abused for not being able to sit down at the spikey chair CBT, Cockmilcking, Whipping, Spanking, Slavetraining