Breathing is a privilege 3.08

Breathing is a privilege

Breathing is a privilege or perhaps the privilege is not to breath ?! Which  slave wouldn't die under a Mistress´ ass. Facesitting, Breathcontrol, Bondage, Breathplay, Choking, Femdom
Branded 02.48


Bound outside in a chilly night for his branding. There is no mercy, his branded with the Owners initials, just like a cow, to show he is now owned meat and her property. Branding, Submission, slaveabuse, Bondage, Femdom
Abused by Danish Dommes 32.26

Abused by Danish Dommes

This is how Danish Dommes abuse their slaves ! A lesson in lusty and painful humiliation. DoubleDomme, Femdom, Suspension, CBT, Torture with cigarettes, Whipping, Spanking, Pegging, Assabuse, Humiliation, Egdeplay, Knifeplay.
A quickie in the hay 16.00

A quickie in the hay

slave tied up in barn and fucked with xl strapons. Analhumiliation, Pegging, Strapon raining, Analabuse, Femdom, Mistress
SitTheFuckDown 13.41


Slave gets whipped and abused for not being able to sit down at the spikey chair CBT, Cockmilcking, Whipping, Spanking, Slavetraining
Amuse US 26.40

Amuse US

slave gets Humiliated by Two Mistresses. Degradation, Humiliation, Suffering,Slaveabuse, Maletraining, Torture, Human toilet, Branding, Femdom, Female Domination, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Smokingfetish
Let´s Ride ! 10.07

Let´s Ride !

Ride that pony - smack that pony. Ponyboy and Dominatrix. Roleplay, Humanpony, Ponyboy, Ridingboots, Ridingpants, Whip, Spanking, Smokingfetish, Worship, Ponyplay, Petpaly, Femdom, Femaledomination
Mistress´ beachparty 20.46

Mistress´ beachparty

Mistress´ beachparty. Total Restrained and exposed slave gets hardcore treatment at the beach. Cbt, Spanking, Whipping, Assabuse, Strapon, Pegging, Fixation, Humiliation, slaveabuse
worship & suspension 12.11

worship & suspension

Helpless slave in suspension. His legs are strung up and spread from the suspension rack, while Mistress tease him and demands worship. CBT, Cockmilcking, Pissplay, Goldenshower, Eatcum
Fireplay 13.17


Extreme Suspension and Brutal Pain. Fireplay, Abuse, Torture, Suspension, Smokingfetish, Humanashtrey, Watersports, Pissplay Goldenshower, Humiliation, submission
singingintherain 13.06


See how Mistress makes her two slaves sing in the rain. CBT, Electroplay, Analhook, Buttplug, spanking, bullwhip, Humuliation, Worship
Wild Whipping 7.38

Wild Whipping

Painful Whipping until bleeding in the wild. Bullwhip, whipping, torture, 
sulkyride 7.48


The slave is is hooked up to the sulky and takes Mistress for a ride. ponyplay petplay sulky 
Mistress´ fuckdoll 20.00

Mistress´ fuckdoll

Mistress' Fuckdoll, Sissy, Sissyslut, Sissification, Feminisation, Force, Abuse, Sissytraining, Sissydoll, Humiliation, cbt/CBT, Strapon, Pegging, Urine Goldenchampagne, Punishment
medical torture 37.09

medical torture

Cruel evil savagery experiments. 
forced urine, CBT, Urethral Sounding, Urethral Streching, scrotum saline infusions, Scrotal inflation, scrotal infusion, electro, anal, venus 2000, forced to eat his cum
Stilettofuck 10.03


A dirty game with Mistress´ stilettoes 
Worship, Licking, HighHeels, Assplay, humiliation

Event 20.28


Small clips from one of our Femdom Events 
Strapon, Needles, Bisex, Humiliation  

The sissy show off 10.08

The sissy show off

Naughty and disgusting Rubberdoll gets abused by Mistress 
Oral & Anal abuse, Pegging, Feminization, Humiliation, Sluttraining
Kidnapped slave Part 1 17.04

Kidnapped slave Part 1

Slave is being kidnapped, kept and abused in a sheed and fucked in the open forrest and left, chained up in the sheed
Anal, Strapon, Humiliation, Bondage

slave in session 21.14

slave in session

The initial of slavery and humuliation
Spanking, Flogging, CBT, Strapon, jerk-off instruction 

Leatherfixation & Torture 12.49

Leatherfixation & Torture

Chastityslave fixated in leatherbodybag and tortured.
Latex, Leather, Bodybag, CBT, Chastity, Tie, Tease and Torture, Needles, Electro, Milking
Hush 28.38


Slave fucked and teased with hush and put in a ball-stretcher
Hush, CBT, Sounds, anal, strapon, bondage, electro, 

Tie N' Tease 31.26

Tie N' Tease

Slave in chastity and leather fixation has to go through severe slave training, before he's rewarded with Mistress' Strapon
Orgasmtraining, CBT, Tease, Strapon, Fixation,
slave & nail dressage 13.30

slave & nail dressage

This slavedressage becomes difficult, when Mistress nails his slaveballs to a block of wood
Maletraining, Slavetraining, Humiliation, Punishment, Spanking, CBT
Latex Slut 25.21

Latex Slut

Latex slave is trained to be a propper little cockslut with cocktorture, CBT , Oral & Anal training and forced cum eat
Feminization, Humiliation, CBT, Cum eat, Anal & oral training, 

slavepointofview 19.55


A dirty session from a slaves ponit of view.
Feets, worship, Bondage, gagging, Trampling, Eat cum


Trio de Bizarre 19.32

Trio de Bizarre

Poor slave meets the Bizarre Trio
Humiliation, Bizarre, Urine, Vommit, Toilet, Cum eat,Latex,

Champagne suspension 36.39

Champagne suspension

Mistress No.1
severe oral and anal abuse de Champagne. Chastity, CBT, slaveonslave, spanking, drowning urin, breathcontrol, suspension

Slaveabuse 20.05


Chastity slave is humiliated with oral & anal treatment, CBT and cum eating
CBT, Ballbusting, Chastity, Strapon, spanking, Cum eat
Bloody CBT 11.43

Bloody CBT

Slave does his CBT training well and rewarded with champagne and facesitting
Hardcore, CBT, Trampling, Urine, Facesitting
Branding 13.31


Mistress torture her slave in any way she like
Hardcore, Torture, Electro, Whipping, Branding
Cock Abuse 10.20

Cock Abuse

Cock and balls abuse for Mistress' amusement 
Spanking, CBT, Clamps, needles, chili oil

Slaveslut 14.57


This slave just love to get his holes filled
Worship, Strapon, Chastity, Assplay, Milking, Eat cum
Ashtray sub 03.01

Ashtray sub

Several Dommes using slave as their ashtray
Objectification, Human ashtray, Humiliation

Fisting 09.00


Slave being fisted for the very first time
Humiliation, Assplay, Strapon, Fisting, Eat cum

Medical Training 13.41

Medical Training

Slave is brought to the medical room as a test subject
Fixation, CBT, Saltwater injections,Needles, Milking 

Tie And Tease 19.52

Tie And Tease

Tied up in a leather-straitjacket, teased and abused with CBT 
Fixation, Tease, Leather, CBT

Latex slave 31.01

Latex slave

Tease and Maintain a latex slave in a tigth bondage using facesitting
Fixation, Tease, Facesitting 

Captivity 05.27


Mistress spank, humiliate and imprison her slave in the cell
spanking, humiliation, imprison

Fuckmachine 12.36


Slave is fixated and laid in the fuckmachine while Mistress is humiliating him with urine
Fuckmachine, Assplay, Humiliation, champagne

Branding 10.04


Slave is fixated, tortured and branded as property of Mistress
Hardcore, fixation, CBT, branding

Rubber urine slave 11.15

Rubber urine slave

Mistress humiliates her rubberslave with a golden shower
Latex, urine, Humiliation, jerk-off instruction

Forced Bisex 06.50

Forced Bisex

Mistress force him to suck a cock for the first time
Forced bisex, humiliation 

Suspension slaveplay 14.24

Suspension slaveplay

Mistress humiliate and tie a slave in suspension while she fucks him hard
Worship, Assplay, Humiliation, Suspension, Strapon

Sounding 04.50


Mistress fucks a slavecock with sounds
Urethral sounding, teasing, facesitting

Strap on Slut 17.38

Strap on Slut

Mistress teasing and fucking a little sissy slut 
Strapon, Feminization, teasing, Humiliation, Facesitting

Trampling & Ballbusting 09.21

Trampling & Ballbusting

Mistress Performing trampling and soft ballbusting on suspended  chastity slave.
trampling CBT ballbusting suspension chasity