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Saline Medical

kinky cock examination by sadistic nurse in latex in medical room. saline infusions, salineballs, electro, femdom, CBT, sounding, rethral Stretching, eat cum, female domination, fetisk foreced comlicking, cockmilcking,


Ballstreched slave gets fucked wit his own cum. Strapon, Pegging, Spanking, Bastonade, Ballstreching, CBT, Balltorture, Femdom, Forcedcom, Forcedorgasm

Watch two Mistresses torture slaves cock and balls. Spanking, Whipping , Balltorture, Cbt, Trampling, Ballbusting, Knifeplay, Edgeplay, Needles, Femdom, DoubleDomme

Triple needles

slave in leatherfixation cant do nothing when Mistress puts needles in between his toes, sew his balls up and puts long thick triple needles through them aswell. Torture, Sutur, Abuse, Bastonade, Cbt, Femdom, Medical


swingtime in the woods. Mistress having fun with some spikey soft ballbusting, abuse that leaves scratches and some pegging. Femdom, Cbt, Anal abuse, Chastity, Strapon, Femaledomination