DanishFemdom is movies and clips with Real Dommes in sessions. There is no acting and we dont use prepared setups. This is not a professional movie production and this is not actor's Femdom. This is REAL Femdom. Unlike so many other sites with Femdom this site is owned by Dommes - So by becoming a member you support only Dommes !

New movies

Peacock Suspension

Slave in helpless suspension being used as a toy for Her fun! This movie is made at the Peacock Parlour in London.
Female Domination, whipping, Cbt, trampling, Urethral stretching, Urethral sounding, sounding, Femdom

3,5 meters of whipping

3,5 meters of whipping - Fun in the forest! Mistress is using tied up slavemeat for breaking in her new whip at 3,5 meters.
Femdom, Whipping, Femaledomination, Whip, Slaveabuse, Torture with whip, Flagellation, Punishment, Spanking

strapon lovers

Double Femdom Strapon Fuck for chastity slave. Dommes plays strapon games with slave and each other. Femdom, doubleDomme, Strapon, Peggeing, Ass to mouth Teasing, Denying, Control, Chastity, Humiliation, Female Domination

Breathing is a privilege

Breathing is a privilege or perhaps the privilege is not to breath ?! Which  slave wouldn't die under a Mistress´ ass. Facesitting, Breathcontrol, Bondage, Breathplay, Choking, Femdom


Bound outside in a chilly night for his branding. There is no mercy, his branded with the Owners initials, just like a cow, to show he is now owned meat and her property. Branding, Submission, slaveabuse, Bondage, Femdom